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Small Business Hug

What Is Small Business Hug?

An online training and coaching platform that helps small business owners learn and implement digital marketing and in turn grow their business.

Understanding which marketing strategies work and how digital marketing works is a game changer, things will click into place right from the start.

A little knowledge goes a long way, especially when it comes to marketing.

Small Business Hug will:

  • Help you implement marketing that increases enquiries and sales.
  • Stop you from wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  • Give you the knowledge we have established collectively over 30 years and that will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Communicate marketing updates as they arise and will be on hand to support you when required.

How it Works

circle-xxl  Become a member and begin the marketing modules. Test your knowledge to win badges and accreditations along the way

circle-xxlUse our resources, forums and coaches to bolster your knowledge and to test your ideas and stay on track with your own personal dashboard keeping you informed of your progress.

circle-xxlWhen updates are available complete the refresher courses and make sure you are always equipped with the very latest marketing knowledge

Courses Our Members Love!

What Our Members Say

Wow! About time there's someone that really cares about me an my business. Using the platform I've learned how to manage my time my tasks and my marketing and all in manageable chunks without paying stupid money for advice. My online food ordering business is growing steadily month on month as a result.

Ian Barker

Owner - Le Brunch Culcheth

Where has this been all my life. I've been over charged, promised the world and seen zero results from self proclaimed marketing experts and agencies. After all that it was as simple as working through the modules and getting the support from the coaches on Small Business Hug. My advice to any CEO is to have your marketing team use the SBH platform and the great support from the marketing coaches. Control your own digital marketing destiny in-house without paying through the nose for...Read more

Chris Hitchens

Founder - Coignition

Just what I needed. With a small business I don't have money to pay expensive agencies so I allocated a bit of time to learning how to do my own marketing. Small Business Hug makes it simple and manageable and I have seen growth in my social media enquiries as a result.

Jenny Scully

Owner - Hair Ups

We had varied experiences with marketing agencies and decided to manage everything in house. Small Business Hug is a must for all marketing managers as it provides structure, knowledge and instruction in a very simple format for any digital marketing exercise. The platform has helped us test market various channels and identify where we can scale our online activity. Great work guys!

Lauren Mallett

Marketing Manager -


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